Clear the clutter and cables from your workspace. DongleSpot is a SAFE and TESTED magnetic solution that attaches your dongles and external devices to your laptop or desktop workstation. Attach the metal plate to your workstation with peel-and-stick 3M adhesive. Then, attach magnets to desired dongles or devices you wish to mount with peel-and-stick 3M adhesive. Now, enjoy your clean and portable work setup. The DongleSpot Package Includes: 1 metal plate (125x75mm) with strong 3M adhesive and 4 magnets (40x12x2mm) with strong 3M adhesive

Although our research shows that our product will not damage your devices we do not recommend them for use on hard disk drive(HDD), spinning disk or any electro-mechanical data storage devices.

DongleSpot Mounting System

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  • In short, no. The magnet has had a bad reputation for messing up the screen of computer monitors, but this is extrememly old information. The screens you are likely referring to are CRT (cathode-ray tube) and were first invented in the 1950's and were compltetly discontinued in 2008. They have since been replaced by modern day LCD, LED and OLED screens, which are not affected by magnets. So needless to say, if you are still using a CRT display, you really don't even need a DongleSpot.